Zombies with Bazookas: flappy bird inspired me.


By Michael Smith

23rd September 2014

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Well I’ve finished and published my new indie game, Zombies with Bazookas.

So, this post is just a shameless plug to try to get some downloads. Well if you can’t plug your own game on your own blog, where can you plug it?

Okay, the development story: Back in March my sons showed me a game that had gone viral nuts – Flappy Bird.  It was reportedly raking in $50,000 dollars per day in advertising revenue before it was pulled by its creator,  Dong Nguyen.  Not a big studio or development team, just a single “bedroom coder” from Vietnam; a bedroom coder like me. The graphics weren’t great (some say ripped from Nintendo), the marketing was non-existent (there are various stories and theories surrounding this) and the gameplay had no depth at all. It was extremely simple, very easy to pick up and play, addictive and had that crucial “1 more go” factor.

Now then, excuse my digression for a moment. I am a 1-man indie developer, a bedroom coder. I have started hundreds of projects, but finished and released just a small handful. The vast majority of my releases were on PC, just one mobile release: Fruit Shuffle for Android.  I’ve got hundreds of half finished projects on various hard drives. I’m also an awful spaghetti coder, so if I don’t go back to a shelved project within weeks then it tends to stay shelved. This is my hobby, I do it for me. So my motivation has never been to satisfy an audience. And on top of my lackadaisical(I spelt that right first go!) coding attitude, I’m  terrible at art and 3d modelling – I get by with the procedural aspect of creating graphical assets, but I have no artistic vision. So the path of least resistance as led me to a life of just coding for me – I mean I can’t make it as an indie developer without a team and some financial backing, can  I? Well ask  Dong Nguyen.

There is a lot of mobile games where gameplay is not just king, but all that matters.  Casual gamers are a whole different breed to gamers on consoles or PC’s. Which brings me back to the story of my sons showing me Flappy Bird. “I could have easily made that”, I thought. So I decided I’d embark on a series of easy to play, straight forward games aimed at the casual player. I’ll keep doing it, and one day I might just make something that takes off. And if I never get a hit? Well that’s ok, I’m doing what I enjoy doing.

Zombies with Bazookas:

Well, first of all, let’s have links to the game:

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And websites:

StinkyPig Games

Zombies with Bazookas


YouTube video (I told you this post was nothing but a shameless plug!):


And last of all, a Picture:


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