How to create a unique random number.


By Michael Smith

14th May 2014


Sometimes you need to create a series of unique random numbers. An example of which is a lottery number generator program. Or a bingo game. Or a routine to select a different random scenery item  to use in a parallax scrolling background, avoiding bunches of same scenery items. Or to select a random boy and a random girl to join other sets of random boys girls in a battle to the death.

With many programming problems I say just ask: “How would you do it in real life?”

Say you wanted to choose five random numbers from 1 to 10.  And you don’t want a number that has been picked having an opportunity to be picked again.  You could just write each number on a slip of paper, fold the paper up and drop into a bowl.  Someone could then reach into the bowl and select a five slips.

So just do the same with your program.  Make a ten element array (the bowl). Each element holds one of the ten numbers (the folded up pieces of paper) Pick a random element and shrink the array to nine elements, removing the number just chosen from the pool (draw a piece of paper from the bowl.) Rinse and repeat.

I bet what you’d really like to see now is a flow chart?

Unique random numbers

What a lovely picture, but how about an example?

Oh OK then, here you go, a snippet to generate 5 unique random numbers between 1 and 10 inclusive (javascript & HTML5):

      <button type="button" onclick="getRandomNos()">Generate</button>
      <p id="nos"></p>
         function getRandomNos() {
               rand=Math.floor(Math.random() * bowl.length);
               temp=new Array();
               for (j=0;j<bowl.length;j++){
                  if (j!=rand){
            r=r.slice(0,-1);// take the last "," off
            document.getElementById("nos").innerHTML = r;

So just copy and paste the above into a plain text editor like notepad, save it as a html page and open it in your browser.

What’s that you say? “Can’t I just em-bed the code in this page for you?” Go on then y’ cheeky little scamp: 

Press button for unique random number magic

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